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Many cities and school districts are sending in for Grant Funding for either safety surfacing or even playground equipment. Many of my recent customers (Dublin CA) have applied for grants for loose rubber and been successful with funding up to the needed money for the project. Some times the amount received from the state, government, or organization is well over $100,000. The source of the loose rubber safety surface must be from California and vehicles for California. Many of the playground manufactures will also offer a grant but usually not fund the whole project for equipment, many have been for 50%. Dublin CA. Grant Funding for Playground Safety Inspections

In order to receive the actual grant money some times you need to purchase the safety surfacing/equipment and be reimbursed. One of the things on the check list before receiving the funds is a Certified Safety Inspection to make sure what has been completed is within the standards set forth by the state of California. As with many other regulations in our beautiful state here on the pacific ocean we go with a higher set of rules. The Consumer Products Safety Commission and the American Standards Testing & Materials are what is used by the inspector. When the Dublin project was complete and the inspection said PASS they applied for the Grant money.

Please contact me when you are about to move forward with your Playground project where ever it is, in my backyard in Northern CA. I can send you information on what Grants you could apply for and how to apply for them. Google it.

AUDITS REDUCE INJURIES and DEATHS due to faulty equipment, surfacing, layout, and lack of signage!


ELIMINATE BIAS and CONFLICT OF INTEREST by using Safe 2 Play – Certified matters,  instead of using your own inspectors or manufacturer’s   representatives.

Craig Faitel - California Certified Playground Safety InspectionCraig Faitel is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector and can be reached at 925-999-0117.

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