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Playground Wood Chips

Safe 2 Play helps keep your playgrounds safe with engineered wood fiber playground wood chips.

Playground wood chips or Engineered Wood Fiber is the number one choice for playgrounds and play areas. With the ability to absorb shock and cushion falls, playground wood chips help create a safer play space for children on any school neighborhood park playground.  Children will fall off playground equipment and hurt themselves from the force of impact with the ground. For this reason, playground areas require shock absorbing material. The most preferred absorbent materials placed beneath and around playground facilities are playground wood chips. 

Certified Playground Fiber Mulch 

Engineered Wood Fiber is a safe, natural, accessible and resilient hardwood fiber cut so that it meets or exceeds US consumer products safety commission guidelines.  Playground wood chips must be certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association for playground safety.  Engineered wood fiber that is IPEMA certified does not contain any recycled wood products or any wood containing paint or other treatments. 

What are the Best Wood Chips?

Many types of wood-chip products look similar, but they do not provide the same protection on playgrounds. In fact, wood chips may in fact be dangerous because of sharp edges and points.   Engineered Wood Fibre (EWF) is the recommended wood chip product for use as playground cover.  In addition to its high shock absorbency, EWF has more beneficial features than other wood chips.


Engineered wood mulch for playgrounds

 Playgrounds are an essential part of childhood, unfortunately, playing can also be dangerous. To keep playgrounds fun yet safe, it’s important to use a cushioned surface such as playground wood chips!  At Safe 2 Play, we understand the need for playground safety and recommend engineered wood fiber safety surfacing.

The playground wood chips we help install are made with the finest wood available to safeguard a soft, cushioned surface. These engineered wood chips are designed to prevent splinters, keep children safe and prevents injuries in the event of a fall.

When all of the statistics are considered, playground wood chips are a safer and more effective alternative to gravel, rubber, and asphalt.


Benefits of Using Playground Wood Chips

Engineered Wood Fiber Chips are one of the best options for cushioned playground surfaces.  Poured in Place Rubber and Rubber chips and gravel surfaces might seem like great options, but they don’t provide the flexibility and efficiency of playground wood chips.

The benefits of wood chips include:

Safety.  Playground wood chips often exceed ADA, ASTM, and CPSC playground surfacing standards. According to several studies [pdf], engineered wood fibar is the most effective surface for averting surface injuries. Playground wood chips are also less sensitive to extreme temperatures, which is great at protecting children during the heat of summer.

Cost efficiency.  Playground wood chips are less expensive that other alternatives. . Even considering playground wood chips require regular topping off or replacement, they remain the safest and cheapest cushioning option.

Visual appeal.  Engineered wood fiber chips make playgrounds look great.  Using playground wood chips provides an enjoyable visual sight for both parents and kids and enhances the childhood play experience.

ADA accessible.  ADA accessibility and safety are very important with all playgrounds and parks.  Because playground wood chips meet all ADA accessibility standard surfacing requirements, they allow all children to enjoy playgrounds accessibility.

Mulch Calculator

Estimate how much engineered wood fiber is required for your playground.  Engineered wood fiber price per yard varies and we have some of the best rates available. It is suggested to install playground mulch at least 3-4″ in depth over the required depth to help ensure adequate coverage and to allow for compaction.

Click here to calculate the yards required for your project

Please contact us with any questions or to order engineered wood chips for your playground.