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Playground Safety Inspections

Initial Inspection for New Construction prior to being open to the public

Since January 1, 2000 statewide regulations provide detailed specifications for the design, installation and maintenance of public playgrounds, referencing compliance with CPSC and ASTM guidelines as mandatory.  Operators of public playgrounds are required to have an initial inspection of their playgrounds by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector.  Any upgrades to playgrounds must also be made to satisfy Title 22 “Safety Regulations for Playgrounds” of the California Code of Regulation.  The California Playground Safety Regulations require that all existing playgrounds be inspected by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, CPSI before they are opened to the public.  The California Playground Regulations use the term “Initial Inspection” for a newly constructed playground rather than the term Audit, however the requirement is the same.


At Safe to Play, Playground Safety Inspections we perform the “Initial Inspections” for new construction which includes the identification of all non-compliant items and provide a report with recommendations to modify  your playground structure and bring it into compliance.  To bring a playground into compliance, additions or modifications to the structure or playground area are typically required.


If the compliance modifications to resolve any safety violations are minor, we can accept documentation with photos and a written statement of the modifications.  We will then make revisions to our report to reflect compliance as a one time courtesy.  If a on-site re-inspection is necessary to verify resolution of safety violations, there will be an addition inspection fee.


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We Are Certified

Certified in testing of synthetic turf to ASTM F1936-10 requirements (training certificate A72)

Certified to operate the Triax 2015 Impact Tester (training certificate C664)

Triax 2015 ball drop impact testing for rubber safety surfacing for Pebbleflex poured in place rubber safety surfacing.

Frequent Playground Safety Inspection Programs

It is vital that playgrounds are inspected frequently and maintained with a regular maintenance program.  When a playground is not properly maintained or supervised, children are at risk for personal injuries or, even worse, wrongful death.  In California, Playground Safety Regulations require all Public and Playground Owners  to include a program for regular inspections and maintenance of their playgrounds.  These inspections assure that the playground equipment continues to stay within compliance.  However, safety regulations do not specify how frequently to have your playgrounds inspected.  A frequent playground safety inspection program should be determined by evaluating the usage of the playground and climate conditions.  Inspections can be high frequency, for busy playgrounds, or low frequency, for those that see little use. We offer Playground Inspection Plans, tailored to your needs.

If you don’t currently have a frequent playground safety inspection program, we would be happy to help you develop a program to help you stay within compliance.


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