Playground Repairs

Playground equipment and safety surfacing repairs are offered by Safe 2 Play. One of the most frequent repairs is tightening loose bolts. When bolts are loose, panels become loose which leads to them becoming a head entrapment danger.   In addition to bolts being loose, they can also stick out more than two threads and fail a safety test.  Other pieces of playground equipment can also fail a safety test and need to be repaired if it is protruding and can cause and entanglement hazard.  Worn out chains are another common repair performed on playgrounds.

All playground safety surfacing must be maintained on a regular basis.  Both artificial turf and poured in place rubber may wear out to the point it becomes a trip hazard.   Another playground that must be correct is safety surfacing that doesn’t pass the critical fall height requirements.


Playground Repairs


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Playground Safety Surfacing Repairs before and after pictures

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