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Playground Safety Audit

Playground Safety Audit – Property Managers

Property managers will want to make sure they have a licensed certified safety inspector write up a report for each playground. The HOA should be happy to have a professional look at the safety surface, equipment and ADA access to the playground. At this site in Fremont California there is a panel that has missing hardware and the safety surface is low in a few areas. If the hardware is not replaced there could be further hazards and or additional equipment to order. Because the wood fiber is low the ADA ramp into the box of the playground is not compliant. Preventative maintenance is key to playground safety and the health of our kids. Protect your HOA and have your playground inspected every year.

Only the initial inspection is required for the safety and placement of the equipment, access, surfacing, etc. Supplemental inspections are required only if play equipment is added, altered, changed, damaged, etc. However, per the CPSC guidelines, after the inspection, both routine and periodic inspections are required to assure that the playgrounds are safe for play.

The guidelines also indicate that IPEMA-certified playground equipment meets the ASTM playground equipment safety standards (for structural and user safety, etc.) Other equipment, including custom designed new and existing equipment, needs to be very carefully inspected for safety. Again, the most current versions of the CPSC and ASTM materials are the law in California.

Playground Safety Audit