Playground Safety Inspection Report Findings – Budget

Some budget questions to ask yourself after looking at a Certified Safety Inspection for a play area in East Palo Alto California.
For a customers future self inspection, attached is a safety inspection checklist to help you better maintain your playgrounds; the CPSC manual for the standards for the state of California.
See Photo:  Because of the safety hazards the report Findings/Conclusion- it must be replaced. The wood posts are rotted and a number of items do not pass the regulations for ASTM and CPSC.
Questions to have ready for your budget:
1. Safety surfacing you want to use?
Option 1 is wood fiber and will be the least expensive and could be done for just under $20,000. The down side is every couple of years you need to add some wood fiber. This is my recommendation.
Option 2 is going with a rubber surface- loose rubber. Loose rubber would be my second choice and is the next least expensive and would run in the $25,000 range. The advantage with loose rubber is it dose not deteriorate like the wood and you will not need to add any for 5 – 10 years.
Option 3 is either rubber tiles or poured in place rubber, the most expensive and would be around $30,000. The maintenance would be the lowest for this safety surface. The problem with this is safety surface is if it is vandalized it cost a lot of money to fix and I would not recommend it in this area.