Playground Safety Expert Witness Testimony Services

Playground safety expert witness testimony services for playground safety

If you have a case involving an issue around playground safety or injury, please contact us regarding expert witness services.

As an expert witness, we can your case by bringing credibility and accurately and presenting all relevant and complex details to a jury or opposing legal team.   We help jurors understand complex and nuanced information, they provide a sense of objectivity and credibility.

Craig Faitel is experienced in the field of recreation, playground, and sports field injury litigation.  He started his career designing an dinstalling playground equipment for a major manufacturer. He is experienced in manufacturing, design, planning, audits, providing safety classes, inspections and audits.

Craig Faitel offers his assistance in design, inspections, safety audits, surface and equipment testing.  He also helps with maintaining and installing safety labels, signage, safety manuals and programs.

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Craig Faitel is an expert in playground, recreation and sports safety for governmental, commercial, and residential applications.  He has performed thousands of safety audits with a variety of equipment at each site.